Creating an Excellent Introduction and a Captivating Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are very important parts of the essay. The well laid out introduction will compel every reader to read through your easy to the end. The conclusion must sound very convincing. This is where students state the importance of their work and a call to action that will confer legit on the essay.

How can students effectively manage both ends of the divide? This shall be our focus of discussion. With an excellent introduction and a captivating conclusion, it will be easy for the paper to steal the show at the end of the day. 


This is the part that introduces your reader to your research. There are no clear or rigid formats that students can use to get through with an excellent introduction to their work. However, the following strategies can be used to write a compelling introduction that will put students on the right tract.

The hook statement: It is expected of every student to begin their paper with a statement that will pull the magic on every reader. The hook sentence will attract the readers to the paper and compel them to read through the research work from scratch to finish.

Your focus: The focus of the paper should follow the hook sentence. This can be done in a sentence or two. What is the focus of your paper? What purpose will the topic serve? The background information to your topic should be included here that will help the background study.

Thesis: Another very important part of your introduction is the thesis statement that must be included in the introduction. This is the theme of your work and you are expected to build on the statement throughout the body of your paper. It should be clear and easy to understand. In the majority of the cases, it forms the last statement of the introduction.


This is the part of the paper where you emphasize what you have begun in your introduction and the body of your paper. It is a summary of the core facts that you have been able to establish along the line. This is not necessarily a repetition; it is the defining moment of your paper.

The following tips will be of help in putting down a worthy conclusion:

  1. Write a re-rephrased thesis statement that reminds your readers of the points of your paper
  2. You can effectively summarize and tie up all the main ideas of your paper together here.
  3. This is the perfect setting where you can show your readers the significance of your paper.

Final thoughts

When you can begin well and finish well; it will confer legit on your work. It is important to state here that you need to put across your ideas in simple and easy to read tenses that will take care of all your readers. When they can easily flow along with the structure of your tenses; it will be easy to send home the message that you intended to pass across to them.

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